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From Detection through Mop-Up to Burn Severity Assessment

FUEGO Intelligence

Powerful AI-System for Wildfire Detection – Issues Notifications as Early as One Minute after a Fire Starts

FUEGO Ground

Sensor and Camera Data – Sensor Agnostic – Currently Processing ~2,500,000 Images per Day


Currently processing around 525,000 Satellite Images per Year


Utilises a Combination of Varied Altitude Aircraft and Drones Equipped with a Range of Sensors to Map and Report Fires in Real-Time


Web-based Real-Time Fire-Mapping

FUEGO Wildfire detection,
assessment & mapping in Near real-time

We are not powerless in the face of wildfires when we work together. FUEGO – Fireball’s early detection, assessment, and mapping system – allows for rapid and effective fire suppression, assisting our firefighters in the effort to protect lives, homes, and communities.

Early detection and notification of fires allows emergency services to swiftly evaluate fire conditions, such as speed and direction, and determine their strategy, mobilising firefighters quicker than ever before.

FUEGO has already proven to be more effective in monitoring and issuing alerts faster than any other means of observation.

FUEGO Wildfire detection fireball international

Fireball’s proprietary AI, called FUEGO Intelligence, is processing over one billion images per year from ground-based cameras as well as analysing more than 500,000 satellite images – one every 60 seconds.

Fireball’s FUEGO system monitors over 125 million acres around the clock from Mexico to Canada covering California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. In areas that are monitored fires are detected and reported within minutes after ignition.



  • 100% fires detected within 10 minutes 100% 100%
  • 99% fires detected within 5 minutes 99% 99%
  • 90% fires detected within 2 minutes 90% 90%
  • 65% detected within 1 minutes 65% 65%


The bushfires that occurred over the 2019/2020 Australian spring and summer followed by the Californian 2020 fire season were unprecedented in scale, global in impact, and incurred substantial economic, social, and environmental costs. Studies predict that this situation will esculate over time, with regions such as Australia getting hotter and drier year after year.

With COVID-19 still circulating worldwide, sharing of international crews and aircraft that proved vital during the summer bushfire crisis has been thrown into doubt and disrupted a number of hazard reduction activities.

Fire services cannot allow even the smallest secluded fire to smoulder for the sake of forest ecology. All fires need to be extinguished as quickly as possible. Yet, detecting a bushfire can take up to 90 minutes following ignition.

Rather than relying on emergency calls and eyewitness accounts, Fireball’s FUEGO Intelligence system can detect fires automatically within minutes and evaluate their growth in real-time, allowing for rapid, effective fire suppression, and the protection of the environment, settlements, infrastructure, people and animals. Even small fires are automatically detected within three to five minutes.

The system provides firefighters and their command centres with real-time fire maps and also predicts how the fire will develop, enabling the responders to understand and foresee the overall magnitude of the disaster in context.

FUEGO Intelligence

FUEGO Intelligence

Detect Fires early to put them out fast

At the heart of Fireball’s technology is a series of sophisticated AI models. FUEGO Intelligence is a system of systems that fuses data from satellites and ground-based cameras. This allows FUEGO Intelligence to obtain deep insights from complex and dynamic situations and results in zero false positives reported to the customer.

diagram fruego intelligence
FUEGO Intelligence


Where there is Smoke, there is Fire

To expand the coverage and sensitivity provided by aerial and space-based assets, the FUEGO system uses ground-based camera networks to capture images that are analysed for evidence of fire. FUEGO Ground is camera agnostic and works with a wide range of “Off The Shelf” cameras. FUEGO Ground also can be integrated into existing camera networks. If needed, we can provide cameras through our supplier.

fruego air


Fire Intelligence from Airborne Assets

FUEGO Air provides a continuous understanding of the behaviour and movement of on-going fires with the temporal, spatial and spectral resolution that can inform real-time operational decision-making with precision. This is accomplished with sensor and edge computing on board of aircrafts or drones, broadcasting realtime intelligence to firefighters and decision-makers using multiple transmission pathways.

FUEGO Intelligence


Eyes in the Sky – Fires down below

Fireball has achieved one of the best latency rates for satellite data. FUEGO Space offers the fastest access and processing time for existing geostationary assets. Fireball has access to nearly all fire-related satellites. FUEGO Space patented technology uses proprietary algorithms and methods of processing satellite data. Fireball has scheduled launching its own LEO mapping satellite by 2022 and its GEO asset by 2024.

FUEGO Intelligence


Tying it all together

FUEGO Map is the user interface for FUEGO Intelligence. The map shows detections from both FUEGO Ground cameras and FUEGO Space sensors as well as mapping information collected by FUEGO Air. It also displays all available fire perimeters in the area of interest. The information panel includes reports generated by FUEGO Intelligence. Alerts are shown on the map and sent out per email, SMS or text message.

What others say about what we do...

“Fireball.International, a company … that already has real-time, automated, intelligent systems that can detect and, within minutes, report on fires. They use this in California. These are the sorts of technologies we need to be looking at here in Australia. …need to work collectively to make sure that we mitigate this type of catastrophe so that it doesn't happen again.”


“Aggressive initial attack is the single most important method to ensure the safety of firefighters and the public; it also limits suppression costs.”

- JESSICA GARDETTO, spokesperson for the Bureau of Land Management at the National Interagency Fire Center

“Now people say, 'does a few minutes really make that big of a difference?' We in the fire service, as you know, say absolutely it makes a difference. If that air tanker, that helicopter, that fire engine gets there that much faster, it makes a huge difference.”

- THOM PORTER - Director, Calfire

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fruego map


FUEGO Map is a map-based local user platform. This interface enables users to see their geographic area of interest. It also allows overlaying the fully processed satellite and ground-based data in order to provide a visual representation of bushfires as and when they develop together with relevant historic and up to the minute details. From FUEGO Map, the user can also explore live feeds from cameras on the ground and satellite map overlays. This is the visual accumulation of our sensors and algorithms.