About Fireball.International

About Us

Fireball.International brings over 75 years of active firefighting experience (Ground, Airborne and Helitack) to the table. Six members of Fireball.International’s team are volunteer or professional firefighters. They have experienced firsthand the mental and emotional impact of battling the blazes and their aftermath.

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It takes a Community

to save the Village

We are united by a single purpose: providing our firefighters with real time intelligence, supporting them in their effort to protect our lives, homes, environment, and wildlife. Our team consists of scientists and professionals of many fields, ranging from Astrophysics, Biology, Data Science, Fire Ecology, Mathematics to Zythology.

More frequent fires spreading over larger areas create a volatile situation for firefighters and our communities. Repeatedly responding to record-breaking wildfires stretches our firefighting resources to their limits, putting the firefighters and our community at increased risk. We believe that together we are not powerless in the face of wildfires.

Our early detection, assessment, and mapping system allows for rapid, effective fire suppression, empowering our firefighters in the protection of what we love and that is important to us.

The Fireball Team


Christopher Tylor

Chief Executive Officer
Managing Director

“Every day I am inspired by the people I work with, who are both talented and passionate. It is the combination of these two factors that enables us to create cutting edge technology that helps firefighters to protect our communities from the ravages of bushfires – and there is no better feeling than to know you are making a difference.”


Gabrielle Tylor

Chief Operating Officer
Director and Company Secretary

 “Supporting our firefighters in saving our homes, memories, and dreams makes me feel empowered and gives me a deep sense of human solidarity.”

Early Detection Wildfires

Brian Craddock

Vice president of Corporate Development

 “I joined the team at Fireball.International so I could work alongside some of the brightest minds in fire and affect positive social and environmental change.”

Dr Ruth Luscombe

Vice President of Product Development and Data Science

“My dad was always a volunteer fire-fighter for as long as I can remember, so increasing the safety and efficiency of that work is something that I’m proud to contribute to.”

Prof Brad Carter

Scientific Consultant

“I want to make the world a better place and working for Fireball.International is one way I can do that.”

Professor Carlton Pennypacker

Prof Carlton Pennypacker

Scientific Consultant

“To work to help prevent fires is not an option — it is a sacred duty for me.”


A/Prof Tim Ball

Scientific Consultant

“Watching fires burn and being part of the teams scrambling to understand the unfolding disaster, my mind often flashes to the Fallen Firefighter Memorial Garden at the National Interagency Fire Centre in Boise, Idaho. When I walk through that garden, I see the names of dozens of people who I knew. I don’t want to lose more friends.”

Glenn Britten

Glenn Britten

Regional Director, Business Development and Sales

 “The decision to join the team at Fireball.International was an easy one. The chance to work internationally with a group of dedicated and passionate professionals in this field was too good to pass up. We all have the common goal of providing an effective early warning system against the devastation effects of bushfire that can prevent loss of life and loss of property.”

Paul Grambauer

Senior Cloud Data Scientist

“Working for Fireball.International allows me to do my part in helping to protect the community.”

Nafis Hossain

Software Developer

“I have always like software engineering as it allows anyone with a computer to build incredible things. And using software to be able to detect bushfires early, potentially saving lives falls into the category of an incredible thing. A bonus for me is that the team members are smart and motivated creating a wonderful environment to work in.”

Kent Richards

Interface Software Engineer

“This project unites my passions with my skills, and the team is amazing. I’m very excited to be part of it.”

Dr Patrick Sansom

Senior Developer

“I like the challenge of working on a hard technical problem that is easy to explain at the dinner table and has obvious real world benefits.”

Dr Jan Sobus

Machine learning Software Engineer

“I joined Fireball.International because it gave me a unique opportunity to apply my research skills and create solutions for problems that will benefit local communities and the public alike.”

Jean-Luc Tylor

Software Engineer, ICT support

Julian Thaller

Julian Thaller

Business development admin

“Working for Fireball.International gives me the opportunity to make a difefrence and be part of a team that shares the common goal of having a positive impact”

Fireball international detecting fires fast

Jennifer Swaine

PR & Communication Manager

“The team at Fireball.International are doing extraordinary things that will benefit all of us by keeping us safe from the ravages of bushfires. To work alongside such incredible talent is both satisfying and incredibly humbling – every day I am in awe of these amazing humans.”