VP Product Manager and Product Design


Marek started his career in science and slowly expanded his focus to design. Whatever it is that he is working on, his goal is simple: make it great, and then make it better.

Marek’s academic journey started in Rochester Institute of Technology where he studied the theoretical basis of hyperspectral remote sensing. Studying sensors, optics, and algorithms was very motivating, but a burning question arose: what happens when all this knowledge is applied to real-world problems?

To find out, Marek investigated wildfires in California using remote sensing data during his PhD studies at University of California, Berkeley. It was at this time when he led the early stages of the FUEGO research project that resulted in a patent (licensed to Fireball.International), and then sowed the seeds of our current endeavour. After graduate school, he joined a number of commercial projects related to fire: mapping active fires alongside of firefighters, preventing power lines from starting new fires by analysing remote sensing data, and many others.

Over time, Marek became increasingly interested in the effects that data presentation has on its interpretation and thus its power… layout, typography, colour, iconography, design. His obsession in design soon turned into experience as an Art Director of a magazine, and later a book designer and co-author. At last, the marriage between data and design materialised for Marek when he began to create big-data visualisations via interactive web applications.

By fine-tuning the UX and UI, he was able to design visualisations that tell stories in order to make insights more accessible to non-expert audiences. Marek is currently working on the overall platform and product design while ensuring that the data-design marriage keeps thriving.

With a passion for rock climbing Marek now lives in the Eastern Sierra Nevada of California, where he can more easily access the mountains.

“You mean I get to be creative, design an amazing product, dig deep into science, AND simultaneously make the world a better place? Sign me up! I couldn’t have dreamed of a project that better fulfils my passions, skills, and inspiration. We all work hard at Fireball, but the mission and contribution to improve our community is making it seem like we’re just having a good time.”