VICE PRESIDENT of Product Development and Data Science

Dr Ruth Luscombe is a highly skilled, commercial mathematician with nearly 20 years of Project Management, Machine Learning, Programming, and Solution Development and has worked across multiple industries including resources, defence, sustainable transport and health care using modelling and analysis to deliver critical insight and decision support.

Equipped with the ability to use Mathematics, Statistics, Modelling, Business Analysis, and Technology to transform high volumes of complex data into advanced analytic solutions, Ruth is a valuable addition to the Fireball.International team.

She received her PhD in Mathematics from QUT in 2015 which focused on scheduling algorithms for resources in dynamic and unpredictable environments, such as hospital emergency departments.

Ruth is passionate about sharing her love of mathematics and is very supportive of careers in STEM and actively encourages young women to consider careers in Science, Maths and Technology. She is a role model for many aspiring young people and is an engaging public speaker, who can communicate complex messages in a digestible, informative, and engaging format.

“My dad was always a volunteer fire-fighter for as long as I can remember, so increasing the safety and efficiency of that work is something that I’m proud to contribute to.”

Dr Ruth Luscombe