GABRIELLE TYLOR | MBA, BSC (Hons/Psychology)

COO, Member of the Board, Company Secretary

With an extensive background in business relations, change management, staff development and company operations, Gabrielle oversees the daily operations of the company while ensuring the company strategy for growth is implemented and achieving their objectives in terms of performance and growth.

People and making a positive difference is what motivates Gabrielle and she is currently working towards her PhD in organisational psychology where the main focus of her research is to provide a deeper understanding of how micro processes associated with identity, motivation, and emotional intelligence within the context of Academic

Entrepreneurship (AE) may explain the extent to which individual decisions and AE behaviour unfold over time.

She believes that understanding the processes that drive academics’ engagement in entrepreneurship is key for reaping the long-term social and economic benefits from new and often disruptive innovations such as Fireball.International.

“Supporting our firefighters in saving our homes, memories, and dreams makes me feel empowered and gives me a deep sense of human solidarity.”

Gabrielle Tylor