JULIAN Thaller

Business Development Admin

Julian Thaller

With a background across a number of industries including business, hospitality, horticulture and construction, Julian has built a reputation around the delivery of exceptional customer service. He understands and is committed to excellence and is passionate about the work being done at Fireball.International.

Like many of his generation, Julian cares deeply for a safer more sustainable world where wildfires can be minimised to lessen their impact on the community, wildlife and the environment.

Julian is the person who ensures our Peregian Beach office runs without a hitch and provides support to our growing team with his smile and great “can-do” attitude. He also provides high-level executive support to the CEO and COO as well as assistance to the sales management team.

“Working for Fireball.International gives me the opportunity to make a difference and be part of a team that shares the common goal of having a positive impact.”

Julian thaller