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1 March 2021

Aussie ‘Space Taxi’ to Deploy Australian Fire Detection Satellite as First Passenger


Australian in-space transportation provider, Space Machines Company has signed a customer agreement to deploy Fireball,International’s innovative bushfire detection satellite into its final orbit on board Space Machines Company’s orbital transport, Optimus-1 in 2022.

Space Machines Company had earlier announced its launch agreement with Gilmour Space Technologies that will put Optimus-1 into space.

Fireball.International Co-Founder and CEO Christopher Tylor said that having Australian based launch and in-space transport capabilities is a significant benefit for their business.

“Not having to look overseas for launch and in-space transport capabilities reduces cost and complexity for Fireball.International, which translates to better fire protection at a lower cost for Australia.”

Space Machines Company’s ‘Space Taxi’ carries passenger satellites to their desired orbits around Earth, or higher bodies like the Moon or Mars. This provides customers with a cost-effective way to get their satellites into final orbits. Space Machines vehicles are compatible with major launch providers.

Space Machines Company founder and CEO Rajat Kulshrestha said that the deal was an important step in strengthening Australia’s defence against extreme weather events.

“We are proud to enable this vital and pioneering Australian space technology deployment.

“The fact that three Australian companies are joining to accomplish this vital mission is evidence of a growing sovereign industrial capability in space technology in our country.

“Space technology has vital real-world applications, and it’s important for Australia as a country to build and own the technology that allows us to explore the possibilities space offers – from deep research for our scientists to ventures like this that will make us more resilient against extreme weather events.”

About Space Machines Company

Space Machines Company is an Australian start-up that is developing in-space transportation capabilities to cost-effectively insert small satellites into desired low earth orbits (LEO), geostationary earth orbits (GEO) and Lunar orbits. Space Machines Company has contracted Gilmour Space Technologies to launch the largest commercial satellite built in Australia in March 2022 to test their platform.


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Fireball.International, based in Queensland, provides automated bushfire detection and tracking in Australia and foreign markets including the US. Space-based monitoring of fires cuts time from ignition to detection of fires to under three minutes.

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