New fire technology detects blaze 10kms away in seconds

An innovative device created as a response to the 2019 Peregian fires has proven its worth.

Coast company Fireball.International installed a test camera at the Peregian Digital Hub in November last year to monitor the bushland for fires.

On Tuesday afternoon the camera detected a plume of smoke in Verrierdale, about 10kms west of where the camera was stationed.

It was confirmed to be a planned permitted burn in a resident’s backyard.

fire intelligence

However, the speed at which the test camera picked up on the fire was great news for founder and company chief executive Christopher Tylor.

“It was a great day for us,” he said.

“This fire was very small and it was detected one-and-a-half minutes after it was lit.”

The Peregian company is a 16-strong team of Coast residents who have already begun rolling out the fire detection systems globally.

Mr Tylor said they are in talks with the Noosa Council to set up the system in Noosa with full production cameras.

The cameras, which send images to the artificial intelligence system, have a 25km reach in a 360-degree direction.