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What if there was a system that detect a bushfire within minutes of ignition?

Fireball.International Pty Ltd has successfully implemented an early wildfire detection, assessment, and mapping system in California in the United States.

Fireball is also part of a collaboration with NASA, US Forest Service, CalFire, Univ. of Wisconsin, Univ. of Nevada-Reno, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, UC Davis, Space Sciences Laboratory, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab at UC Berkeley. This collaboration is funded by a contract with three Californian power companies, and the state of California through UC San Diego.

Fireball’s FUEGO-Intelligence system is ready to be implemented on a global scale.

For examples of how we have worked with some of these organisation please refer to our Case Studies, in particular the Kincade fire and the Sawday fire.

Our Clients

What others say about what we do...

“Fireball.International, a company … that already has real-time, automated, intelligent systems that can detect and, within minutes, report on fires. They use this in California. These are the sorts of technologies we need to be looking at here in Australia. …need to work collectively to make sure that we mitigate this type of catastrophe so that it doesn't happen again.”


“Aggressive initial attack is the single most important method to ensure the safety of firefighters and the public; it also limits suppression costs.”

- JESSICA GARDETTO, spokesperson for the Bureau of Land Management at the National Interagency Fire Center

“Now people say, 'does a few minutes really make that big of a difference?' We in the fire service, as you know, say absolutely it makes a difference. If that air tanker, that helicopter, that fire engine gets there that much faster, it makes a huge difference.”

- THOM PORTER - Director, Calfire

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