Smart Camera Zooms in On Peregian Fire Threat.

By Peter Gardiner, Sunshine Coast Daily

An enterprising company has tapped into artificial intelligence to detect fire threats early – just more than a year after Peregian Beach was “ambushed” by a raging inferno.

Fireball.International co-founder directors Chris and Gabrielle Tylor were caught unawares when flames threatened to engulf their business at the Peregian Digital Hub last year.

The Noosa bushland devastation claimed properties from Peregian to Cooroibah.

As a result, the Tylors created a satellite-driven fire detection system which could alert authorities to outbreaks in less than three minutes.

Peregian under siege from wildfires last year.

Now the first camera linked to their FUEGO intelligence system, which analyses satellite images around the globe at one image every minute, has been installed at the Peregian Digital Hub.

“This camera, even though it is a temporary test installation, will monitor the area around the clock,” Mr Tylor said.

“We have other cameras ready to roll out and the satellite is in place to deliver this service right here – right now.”

FUEGO uses satellite and ground-based sensor/camera data as well as airborne surveillance combined with powerful deep machine learning algorithms to detect fires automatically and evaluate their growth in real-time.

Without this smart system, Mr Tylor said it could take about 45 minutes for a bushfire to be reported often relying on people to raise the alert.

FUEGO is already deployed in fire-ravaged California where it has proven to be fast and accurate, according to Mr Tylor.

The camera will be a talking point at next week’s international FireTech Connect summit to be held at the digital hub.

FireTech is the hub’s response to almost going up in flames last September. The event will showcase cutting-edge fire response technology to climate change driven wildfires which are costing the global economy more than $100 billion every year and causing thousands of deaths.

Detecting fires to keep the community safeGabrielle and Chris Tylor – their smart camera which will detect fires across Peregian Beach.